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Children's Hospital @ Mater Will Offer Best Care To Ireland's Sickest Children - 03/05/2012



Plans for children’s and maternity hospitals to be tri-located with new adult Mater Hospital on state-of-the-art Mater Campus unveiled


Children’s Hospital @ Mater will offer best care to Ireland’s sickest children and site

allows for immediate development

 (Thursday 3rd May 2012 @ 11am) Dramatic plans were unveiled today showing how the height of the new national Children’s Hospital at the Mater can be brought down by seven stories to comply with Local Area Plan requirements.  The use of the 1861 Mater building on the Mater campus has meant that the site for both the children’s and maternity hospitals has increased more than 50%, from two to three hectares.  This has had the result of radically changing the design solution so that the new buildings will be compatible with the local heights and streetscape.  The plans, presented by the Mater – Temple Street – Rotunda partnership show how the three hospitals (adult, children and maternity) are truly tri-located – right beside each other – with internal links for staff and patients. The plans also show unequivocally, how locating the new national Children’s Hospital and new maternity hospital at the Mater site will offer the best care to Ireland’s sickest children, expectant mothers and their babies.

The detailed plans to reaffirm the long term support for locating the national Children’s Hospital at the Mater showed that:

 The Mater will offer the best care for Ireland’s sickest children

  • The new Children’s Hospital at the Mater will quickly bring together all of the expertise in paediatric specialities, which is currently fragmented around the city, under one roof. 
  • The Mater has key specialities where it is already providing care in the paediatric arena (through inter-hospital joint appointments) including cardiac services, oncology, endocrine/ diabetes, infectious diseases, child and adolescent psychiatry and specialised surgery.
  • The new Children’s Hospital at the Mater will offer 445 beds (392 in-patient beds and 53 day care beds) to meet projected demand up to 2030. All in-patient rooms will be single rooms with an en-suite, with a specific facility for overnight in-room accommodation for parents.
  • The new Children’s Hospital will include 62 critical care beds divided into intensive care and high dependency beds.
  • There will be 13 operating theatres, parents’ accommodation near ICU and a hospital school amongst numerous other state of the art facilities in the new Children’s Hospital.
  • There will be seamless transfers from the Children’s Hospital into the Mater adult hospital for children with chronic diseases (e.g. cardiac disorders and type 1 diabetes) as they reach adulthood.

The new children’s hospital will be delivered on the Mater site by 2016 and will offer best value for money

  • The offer to give the use of the original Mater Public Hospital to the Children’s Hospital means that the planned Children’s Hospital can be reduced in height but without losing space. The three hospital partnership believes that this new planning solution addresses all concerns raised by An Bord Pleanala and is consistent with local area plans.
  • There will be no site acquisition costs on the Mater site. The site is free of charge and ready to go. 
  • Building of the children’s hospital will be delayed by at least 2.5 years (beyond 2016) and possibly much longer if an alternative site is chosen with all the attendant costs of such a delay.
  • The Mater site will offer best use of public monies already invested in the site.
  • The new adult hospital at the Mater launched on 27/04/12 by the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly, has been designed in such a way that critical areas in the adult hospital and Children’s Hospital, (e.g. emergency departments, intensive care units and theatres) while each independent, will be adjacent to each other on a floor by floor basis.
  • The new Rotunda hospital will be designed to have the critical links between the maternity and children’s hospital on adjacent floors with direct links between the two hospitals for ease of transfer of sick babies and to facilitate mothers visiting them as well as joint staff working arrangements.
  • If the Government decision to locate the Children’s Hospital on the Mater site is re-affirmed following this review, planning permission can be applied for within four months to build the new Children’s Hospital at the same time as the new maternity hospital.  Two builds at the same time will deliver better value for money by 2016.

Speaking at the press briefing Dr Stephanie Ryan, Chairperson, Medical Board, Temple Street Children’s Hospital said “A new national Children’s Hospital is urgently required and expert opinion recognises that locating an adult, children’s and maternity hospital on the same site is the best and safest model of care. The Mater can offer a state of the art location immediately with no extra costs. It can also offer the very best mix of clinical resources providing world class care to our sickest children with space to build a new maternity hospital at the same time.”

Also speaking at the press briefing, Professor Brendan Kinsley, Chairperson, Medical Board, Mater Hospital said

“Three independent review processes have already selected the Mater site on medical, value for money, and speed of delivery grounds.  This solution means that the Children’s Hospital, as well as the new Rotunda Hospital, can start without further delay and be delivered by 2016.  Futhermore it means that the State’s investment in the site to date – some €284million – can be maximised.  The new Mater Adult Hospital opening in six weeks time, is the greenest, leanest and most technology enabled hospital in the country. The new Mater Adult Hospital has been planned with the new children’s hospital in mind – some €23 million has been spent on shared infrastructure that the children’s hospital can use.  Years of planning on preparing for the children’s and maternity hospital has already gone into this site “.

The detailed plans also showed that;

Access and parking, which have already met An Bord Pleanala requirements, will not be a concern

  • Plans for the new children’s hospital at the Mater include a Hot Lift for emergencies which connects a Helipad and sheltered walk way on the roof with a dedicated lift to the hospital floors including intensive care and operating theatres as needed.
  • A 444-space car park at the new adult hospital will open by September 2012.
  • The Children’s Hospital at the Mater will offer a further 972 car parking spaces when built. The new Rotunda will provide 222 car park spaces bringing the total number of spaces available on the site up to over 1,600.
  • The straightforward measures that will be put in place to further improve access to the new Children’s Hospital include; signalised junctions, clearways to allow far better access and a widening of the North Circular Road at the access point and new pedestrian crossing facilities.
  • Heuston Station is only 2 miles and Connolly Station is only 1.2 miles from the new Children’s Hospital at the Mater and they are linked to it by the Luas Red Line. The Luas and Dart stops are within short walking distance.
  • The Mater site is located close to the M50.
  • Over 1,900 buses per day (across 23 Dublin Bus services) pass and stop within five minutes walk of the Mater hospital.

Finally speaking at the press briefing, Dr Sam Coulter-Smith, Master and CEO, Rotunda Hospital said ‘The Rotunda Hospital already works closely with the Mater Hospital on difficult obstetric cases including life threatening acute bleeding and thrombosis that are best dealt with on a co-located site. The Rotunda is ready to move to the Mater site. The Mater Hospital has the best available combination of relevant adult specialties to support world class care in the maternity and paediatric arenas.”

Children’s Hospital @ Mater is the title of the Mater, Temple Street, Rotunda partnership plan to enable delivery of the children’s hospital on the Mater site. The partnership is made up of the Chairpersons, Chief Executives, and Chairpersons of Medical Boards of the three hospitals.

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