Centre For Nurse Education

Samples of Various Student Testimonials

"The course will be of practical benefit to me in the clinical area."

"The content was very informative and applied to my needs as a newly qualified staff nurse, thank you."
(Nursing Induction)

"All material covered was very relevant for our learning objectives and everyday practice in the clinical area."
(Specialist Hospital Courses)

"The theory and practical sessions developed my knowledge."
(Venepuncture and Cannulation)

"Very pleasant environment with very detailed professional presentations."

"Really interesting, enjoyed the full session including the workshop on each others presentations & feedback."
(Presentation Skills)

"All lectures were very relevant and the workshops were excellent."
(PGDip Peri Operative Nursing)

"The block week was very good and beneficial, particularly insulins, pumps and foot care."
(PGD Diabetes)

"I found this module very beneficial in my job and I have taken the skills back to my workplace."

"I found the programme very helpful, good and interesting for all disciplines."
(Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme)

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