Departments A - Z


The Mater CAMHS service is delivered by 5 multidisciplinary teams.

Each team comprises the following disciplines

Mater CAMHS also provide a  half time support service 2.5 days per week in Crannog Nua which is a H.S.E. residential high support and special care service managed by the National Office for High Support and Special Care.

Clinical service is also provided on teams by:

Both of these programmes are affiliated with the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

The Parents Plus Programme is a registered charity under the auspices of the Mater Hospital, committed to researching and developing educational materials and resources for parents and children and to providing support to professionals working with children and families in the community.

In addition as we are part of a University Hospital we provide clinical educational placements to students from a variety of disciplines working on the teams at different times.

The Mater Special School is also affiliated to Mater CAMHS

Mater CAMHS is also closely affiliated with:

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