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Referral Procedures

Referrals can be made to Mater CAMHS by any of the following professionals:

  • GP s
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Other professionals of the Primary Care Team
  • Assessment of Need Officers
  • Paediatricians
  • School Principals
  • Educational Welfare Officers
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Home School Liaison Teachers
  • Preschool Managers
  • Child Protection Social Work Services
  • Other Community based professionals (e.g. community speech and language therapists, juvenile liaison officers)

Self referrals are NOT accepted but can be made through the above agents.

Referral Criteria

Referrals are accepted for children and young people from birth up to their 16th birthday

  • Who exhibit persistent mental health problems (i.e. emotional, behavioural, developmental and or psychiatric disorders)
  • Which significantly affect their daily functioning (i.e. their functioning at home, at school, in their relationships etc.) and
  • Which have not been resolved by primary level intervention.

Key questions to consider in making an appropriate referral to the Mater CAMHS:

  • Is the problem severe?
  • Is it complex?
  • Does the problem happen in more than one area / situation ? (e.g. school and home)
  • Has the problem been happening for a long time ?
  • Have you considered other options in the community which could help? (e.g. community based parenting programmes?)
  • Is the problem so difficult that it is likely to need the input of more than one professional?

If the answer is yes to these key questions it is likely that the referral is appropriate to our service.

If you are unsure please feel free to contact one of the clinics to discuss the referral further

How to make a referral

  • Complete the Referral Form fully (insufficient and incomplete referral forms will be returned for further information).
  • Parents must consent to the referral being made and should indicate this in the appropriate box on the Referral Form

You may also be asked, following the referral being accepted to fill in one of the following forms:

You may also be asked, following the referral being accepted to fill in one of the following forms:
  • Teacher Report form
  • Pre-School Report Form
  • Parent/Carer form

All referrals can be sent directly for the attention of the appropriate Mater CAMHS team.

Mater CAMHS have a number of different teams covering different areas, please check to see which team may be covering your particular area

New Referrals

  • Each multidisciplinary team meets on a weekly basis to discuss new referrals, make a decision about the appropriateness of the referral, the level of   urgency, and prioritisation on the waiting list. All referrals are discussed and are allocated to the most appropriate member(s) of the team.

  • If the child(ren) meet referral criteria they will be accepted.  If the child(ren) do not meet the criteria, they will not be accepted to the service and referral agents and parents will be informed.

Emergency Referrals

  • Mater CAMHS is not an emergency service. 
  • The Consultant Child Psychiatrists along with the Senior Registrar & Registrar in Psychiatry provide emergency on call cover to the A&E Department at the Children's University Hospital, Temple Street.

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