Departments A - Z

The Multidisciplinary Team Provides

  • Assessment: comprehensive, diagnostic, and multidisciplinary.

  • Therapy: A mix of skills are available to provide a range of best-practice therapeutic interventions. A range of therapies are available including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, Marte Meo therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, family therapy, art therapy, parenting groups psychopharmacology, behavioural interventions, individual psychotherapy, and other structured therapeutic programmes (individual and group) according to the needs of the client in the context of their family.

  • Training, Teaching, & Supervision: for other professionals and those in training.

  • Consultation: to other groups of professionals to support them in their work on a needs basis e.g. children in care, children at risk of educational exclusion, primary care team.

  • Networking and Liaising: with other agencies/services (e.g. schools) in relation to individual cases or on a wider service level (e.g. members of other agencies' committees/boards)

  • Research, Audit, Evaluation, and Service Development

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