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The Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

The first step is a treadmill exercise/ stress test to determine the heart's capacity for exercise.

Week 1: Introduction and exercise sessions

Week 2: Talk on risk factors and exercise sessions
 Relevance of family history, smoking, cholesterol, diet, blood pressure and lack of exercise etc.

Week 3: Talk on healthy eating and exercise sessions
With advice from a dietician on specific dietary changes necessary for each patient and information on cooking, shopping and recipies.

Week 4: Talk on stress Part 1 and exercise sessions
What is stress? A psychologist will discuss how it relates to coronary heart disease, causes, signs and managing stress more effectively.

Week 5: Talk on medications and exercise sessions
A pharmacist will discuss the nature of heart disease, risk factors and their control with medicines and your medicines.

Week 6: Talk on exercise/leisure and exercise sessions
Guidelines on appropriate exercise for the heart. What to avoid, e.g. heavy lifting etc.

Week 7: Talk on stress Part 2 and exercise session
A psychologist will discuss adjustments to living with coronary heart disease, quality of life and futrure plans after cardiac rehab.

Week 8: Talk with a partner/family member and exercise sessions
Opportunity to discuss any queries or problems

Finally, another treadmill exercise test to monitor progress.

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