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Preoperative Work Up Protocol

  • Full blood count, renal, liver, bone profile and coagulation screen.
  • Hepatitis screen on all dialysis/renal failure patients.

  • Group and crossmatch for 3 units of RCC/ for 6 units if Redo.

N.B: Check if patient requires CMV neg/irradiated blood.

  • ECG & Chest x- ray as ordered by doctor PA and lateral.

  • M.S.U

  • Sputum for C/S if a productive cough is present.

  • PFTs especially on thoracic surgery patients.

  • Throat and nasal swab for C&S on all Valve patients. Nasal and groin  swab for MRSA on all other cardiac patients – cards to be labelled ‘preop cardiac surgery'. Also swab any excoriated/broken areas on skin. Full MRSA screen on patients transferred from other hospitals.

  • All patients > 40 yrs for cardiac surgery to have carotid doppler pre-operatively.

  • All patients undergoing VATS please commence Clexane daily pre-operatively.

  • All patients undergoing thoracic surgery c/o Mr Alfred Wood please commence prophylactic subcutaneous anticoagulant pre-operatively.

  • Pre-operative physiotherapy consultation.

  • Record weight and height in kgs/cms

  • As near as possible to the time of surgery patients should have chest and leg hair clipped (if necessary).

  • Preoperative skin prep as per Infection Control Policy.

  • All patients to have a five day course of nasal ointment TDS as per Infection Control Policy commencing the evening prior to surgery.

  • Angio film (cine film) to be sent with the patient to theatre.

N.B: Please ensure that Plavix is stopped 7 days prior to surgery (unless emergency).

  • Do not give Aspirin/Plavix on the day of surgery.

N.B: All medications to be prescribed prior to administration .

Pre-operative Protocol

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