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This service was established to provide specialist care for the increasing numbers of people with congenital heart disease in the adult setting.

A specialist team exists to provide your medical care. The consultant cardiologist and the consultant cardio-thoracic surgeons are jointly appointed between the Mater Hospital and Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin. You may already have met them before your transfer to the adult hospital.

Dr K.Walsh is the consultant cardiologist responsible for the congenital heart patient group. He also performs any cardiac catheterisation or echo (echocardiogram) that you may require. He will advise if you need further surgery or intervention.

Prof  M. Redmond and Mr L. Nolke are the consultant cardio-thoracic surgeons that care for the congenital heart group. If you need to have an operation you will meet the surgeon who will discuss his plans with you. Any questions you may have can be discussed during this consultation.

Rhona Savage is the congenital heart nurse specialist. Her role is to support, educate and counsel patients with congenital heart disease.

Patients will meet Rhona in a variety of settings, both surgical and cardiology on an outpatient basis and also when admitted to hospital. 

If you have any concerns you can contact any of the congenital heart team. (Please view contact us section)


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