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Cardiac Surgery Activity

In the region of 35,000 major heart operations are performed in the UK and Ireland each year. The Mater Hospital as the National Centre for Cardiac Surgery contributes to approximately 2% of this figure.

Over the last 2 years there have been just under 1500 (1497) procedures carried out in the Professor Eoin O'Malley department of cardio-thoracic surgery. The breakdown of these procedures is shown in the following graphs.

Included in these figures, there were 85 re-operations during this period, which accounts for 5.7% of all procedures. Out of the 79 procedures classified as Other, 31 of these were heart transplants.




The work undertaken at the Mater involves all aspects of adult cardiac surgery including adult congenital procedures and cardiac transplantation. Patient referrals are received from cardiologists and general practitioners all over the country.

The most common procedure performed at the Mater Hospital is isolated coronary artery bypass graft operations (CABG). They make up approximately 69% of all surgery. isolated valve procedures (replacement and repair) amount to 13% of the workload. The remaining 18% is divided amongst combined procedures such as CABG and valve, CABG and other, valve and other and isolated other procedures such as congenital surgery. Cardiac transplant accounts for 2% of the workload.

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