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Transplant Assessment

A guide for patients and their families
Welcome to the Mater Hospital. We hope that the following information will be informative and reassuring. As a team we aim to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where we hope we will be able to answer all your questions as openly and as honestly as possible.

Heart transplantation is now considered a successful form of treatment for "end stage" and "irreversible" heart disease.

Brief history 
Dr Christian Bernard in Capetown South Africa performed the first human heart transplant in 1976. Since then many centres throughout the world have continued to perform heart transplant operations.

The Mater Hospital began its heart transplant programme in 1985 and since then over 170 operations have been performed with many people returning to a normal and healthy lifestyle.

If you are in heart failure you will be attending a cardiologist who may feel your condition is deteriorating and that there is no more medication available to support or improve your heart condition and will probably have mentioned to you the possibility of a heart transplant operation.

However before any decision can be made regarding your suitability for a heart transplant operation you will need to attend the Mater Hospital for a full and comprehensive assessment.

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