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Going home
Your discharge is as important as your admission. We aim to ensure that you have a safe and well co-ordinated discharge. Before you leave the hospital the team will talk to you about what you should do in your first weeks at home. You will be given the following:

  • Prescription
  • Letter for your family doctor or nursing home
  • Your information booklets
  • Your out-patient appointment card will follow by post

Depending on your needs a referral letter can be made to any number of  health care services on your behalf: e.g. public health nurse, social worker.

Discharge checklist
The following is a discharge checklist, which may be of assistance:

  • Make sure transport arrangements are in place for your return home
  • If referrals are need to outside agencies, such as public health nurses, this will be planned before discharge
  • A prescription will be given to you and it is important that you understand your medications
  • Medication is not supplied by the hospital
  • Nursing or medical staff will explain your medication to you
  • A letter will be sent to your general practioner as notification of your admission, treatment, discharge and follow-up

Appointments will be sent by post for any required follow-up. It is important to reschedule these appointments if unable to attend. Please let staff know if your contact address on discharge is different to that on admission.

Discharge plans
Patients with family members/carers available to assist with their homecare should make arrangements for approximately 1 week post discharge. On discharge from hospital you will not require nursing care but you will need assistance with household duties/shopping etc.

Patients who live alone should source other options i.e. going to stay with a relative/friend where possible.

Patients who cannot avail of any of the above options or who can foresee a difficulty when discharged home should inform nursing staff on admission.

Once the hospital has been informed of a need for convalescence care staff will endeavour to secure an appropriate placement. However we cannot guarantee that this will be available.

While we regret that we cannot offer public convalescence to all patients we will endeavour to facilitate all patients in securing suitable follow up care if it is medically required.

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