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Some of the people you will meet during your hospital stay

A member of the nursing team will welcome you to the ward. The nursing staff will provide continuity of care throughout your hospital stay. This will include the time you spend in the ward, operating theatre and intensive therapy units.

A team of doctors will look after you throughout your hospital stay. On your admission, you will be examined by one of the team who will explain all about your operation and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


An anaesthetist is the doctor who puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep during surgery. He/she will assess you and prescribe medicines to relax you on the morning of surgery.


He/she will teach you deep breathing exercises and coughing both of which you will be encouraged to do after the operation. These exercises are important in helping to prevent chest infections after your surgery. After the operation the physiotherapist will assist you with walking your posture and climbing stairs. He/she will also give you guidelines on exercise for when you go home.

Risks and consent

With any surgery there are risks and benefits. You should discuss these with your doctor either at the clinic or when signing your consent form.

Spiritual care 
A priest or minister will visit you before your operation on request.

Routine hospital tests

  • Chest x-ray
  • ECG
  • Blood test
    These will be repeated at various times throughout your hospital stay. You will be asked for a sample of urine and also nasal and throat swabs.

You will have

  • 2 showers
  • 2-3 skin scrubs with a special soap
  • Your body hair will be shaved as part of your skin preparation
  • Bowel care, you may need medicines to prepare your bowel

Fasting do not eat or drink from 12 midnight on the night before your operation.

Feeling anxious please tell your nurse if you feel anxious or if you have difficulty sleeping.

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