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 As the National Cardio-Thoracic Surgery and Heart & Lung Transplantation Centre we are in a unique position to provide with informed consent  access to patients and samples of patients suffering from severe cardiovascular and pulmonary  diseases.  Scientific research work are already in progress in collaboration with scientists based at the Conway Institute, UCD. To date we have identified Neutrophil Adhesion Marker, CD11b, as a potential predictive marker for early heart transplant rejection.  Proteomic research focused on heart failure and heart transplantation has recently obtained ethical approval and are currently in progress.

On the clinical side a database on various cardio-thoracic surgical procedures are being generated within the unit. This database serve as clinical audit of practice and also contribute to the global experience and results of certain procedures such as mitral valve reconstruction, infant co-arctation repair, arterial switch procedure and the ross procedure.

Collaborator School/Institution Project

R William G Watson

School of Medicine & Medical Science, UCD & Conway Institute

Individual variation of neutrophil migration potential as a predictive marker of heart transplant rejection. Neutrophil expression analysis in human cardiac transplant rejection: detection and pre-emption

Mike J Dunn

School of Medicine & Medical Science, UCD & Conway Institute

Proteomics of heart failure & cardiomyopathy, proteomics of cardiac transplantation, the cardioprotective role of heat shock protein 27: a proteomic analysis.

James J Egan

Heart & Lung Transplant Programme, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

The Role of ADAM family gene in pulmonary fibrosis.


Brian Marsh

Department of Anaesthesia and  Intensive Care Medicine, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Systemic and myocardial manifestations of the inflammatory response to cardiopulmonary bypass and the extent of the heat shock response.

Current Research Group

David Healy PhD clinician
Alan Soo MD clinician
Rauf Ahsan MD clinician
Rob Plant MD clinician
Dominic Keating MD clinician
Des Murphy PhD clinician
Belinda Maher PhD clinician
Derek Hennessy Medical Student
Tara Ni Donnhchu MD Intern


Young Investigator Symposium Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Poster Prize 2004

President's Prize Research Symposium
Surgical Section

Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland 2004
Sylvester O Halloran Research Prize 2007
Shortlisted Presidents Prize Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2005
Shortlisted Presidents Prize Surgical Section Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland 2007

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