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Nursing Department

Welcome to the Nursing Department of the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

The Mater Hospital is a university teaching hospital and is the major accident and emergency hospital serving Dublin's inner city.

Description of Service

The nursing department is committed to building a community of excellence by combining academic and practical knowledge with the highest degree of professional ethics, while espousing core values of caring, compassion, equity, respect, patient-centred and patient-sensitive care.

Our visionary strategic plan is designed to achieve excellence in patient care and two notable projects have evolved via collaborative associations as a result:

  1. Nursing Metrics Project in collaboration with the Heartlands Trust (analysing clinical statistics, enabling us to measure and benchmark our care with other national and international organisations);

  2. The development of a framework for the identification, measurement and implementation of a core set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for nursing and midwifery has been the focus of a collaborative research project between the University of Ulster, Belfast HSC Trust and South Eastern HSC Trust. The Mater Hospital has developed a collaborative partnership with our colleagues in order to allow us to become a pilot site for this research.
Nursing continues to advance and transform within our dynamic department in response to modern healthcare innovation and public expectation. In the areas of nurse prescribing, advanced clinical practice and clinical specialist functions, we persevere in the development and expansion of our professional roles, taking a lead in a number of nurse-led initiatives within the Hospital. 

Nursing Mission

Our mission is to ensure the delivery of optimal patient care and excellent patient care services.

We aim to fulfil our mission through:

  • Maintenance of quality assurance standards
  • Appropriate allocation and management of nursing resources
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of departmental strategic and operational plans
  • Establishing standards of nursing care and practice and ensuring these standards guide the provision of nursing care
  • Development and maintenance of a governance structure with operating procedures and staffing to meet the needs of the hospital and the Department of Nursing
  • Evaluation of simple and complex processes and policies in line with the HSE code of integrated discharge planning
  • Extend the roll out of the leadership programme to next cohort of clinical nurse managers

Strategic Aims

pdf file icon Nursing Department Strategic Aims (43 kbs)

Nursing Structure

pdf file icon Nursing Structure (468 kbs)


For a complete listing of all our wards please see the Wards A - Z.

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