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Who will I meet during the Assessment period?

There will be many members of staff  who will look after you during the assessment and throughout the transplant period. The following is a list of the transplant team and their role.

The consultant surgeon
During the assessment, you will meet a consultant surgeon. The consultant will make the final decision regarding the feasibility of a heart transplant operation.

Transplant co-ordinator
The co-ordinator will organise you assessment week and discuss the risks and benefits of transplantation. She will support you and your family throughout this difficult period and visit every day to answer your questions.

Transplant nurse
The nurse will visit during the assessment period and discuss the medication you will need to take after transplant. She will also discuss the lifestyle changes and recommendations after transplant and is responsible for your care after transplant.

Social worker
The social worker is an important non-medical member of the transplant team and will discuss any financial or family concerns you may have.

Will visit and explain the importance of chest physiotherapy and exercises to prepare you for the transplant operation.

Advice from the dietician is very important and will help you prepare for the transplant operation.

The psychiatrist will assess your suitability for a transplant operation.

Post-operative patients
It is always helpful to chat to someone who has had a transplant. The transplant co-ordinator will try to arrange a meeting should you wish to talk to a member of the heart transplant association.

Remember until all the investigations are complete and discussed with you no final decision can be made regarding the feasibility of a transplant operation. Transplantation may or may not be the best choice of treatment for you.

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