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You will be contacted by telephone or in writing with a date for admission.

What to bring in with you

  • At least 3 pairs of pyjamas / nightdresses
  • Slippers, dressing-gown, towels
  • Toiletries
  • All your current medications

Please leave all valuable items and money at home. Small amounts of cash may be kept for newspapers etc. There is limited storage space for personal belongings.

When you arrive at the hospital please go to the admissions office and you should bring your personal details with you  including: medical card, PRSI, or private health insurance number. You will then be directed to St. Cecilia’s ward.

Length of stay a guideline would be 7 - 10 days. This may be longer or shorter depending on each patients rate of recovery.

Planning for when you go home all arrangements for leaving hospital should be made before your admission. Please discuss this with your next of kin and tell the nurse on admission to St. Cecilia’s ward.

Going home you will be informed in advance that you are going home. Your bed may be needed early on the morning of your discharge from hospital to accept patients coming from intensive care. If this happens you will be offered a comfortable armchair until you are ready to leave.

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