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Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

The core objective of the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is to deliver high quality services in its numerous specialities in a safe environment. The hospital not only serves a local catchment population, but also provides secondary and tertiary referral services in its regional and national specialities. Closely linked to its service objectives, it is required to further consolidate and improve its teaching and research activities as a major academic teaching hospital with a superb national profile.

The following is a general summary of the hospital's high-level strategic goals and objectives. These objectives must be developed taking into account the recently announced health service reforms.

  • Introduce a conjoint working relationship with the Children's University Hospital, Temple Street
  • Ensure the hospital provides best "value for money" in the receipt of tax-payers funding
  • Develop specialities and services, honing in on tertiary referral services
  • Fast-track 100 additional beds
  • Provide significant day case facilities
  • Provide an environment to recruit, retain and attract staff to work in the hospital
  • In difficult economic circumstances, ensure that the hospital's core services continue to be delivered
  • Ensure that the educational component of the hospital's mission is delivered to the highest standard
  • Introduce processes to support risk management, quality improvement, clinical audit and accreditation
  • Foster the education, training and research component of the hospital
  • Comply with modern governance principles, incorporating both corporate governance and clinical governance
  • Address lack of funding for minor capital projects/items by addressing fund-raising possibilities
  • Roll out the Mission Effectiveness Programme
  • Continue to develop close collaboration with Beaumont Hospital, Mater Private Hospital and other hospitals/agencies
  • Maximise the utilisation of subvention funding in order to minimise the number of delayed discharge patients in the hospital
  • Forge significant links with Northern Area Health Board, and local hospitals
  • Develop internal audit unit in association with the Children's University Hospital

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