The Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) coordinates a wide range of clinical trials in cancer. The CTRU was established in 2000 and has opened over 150 clinical trials involving over 1,500 patients. Currently we have 27 clinical trials open to our patients. 

What is a clinical trial?

Research discoveries in the laboratory may lead to new drug developments. Clinical trials are then conducted to establish and confirm these new drug treatments are safe and effective when administered to patients in a controlled hospital environment.

  • Clinical trials can offer patients new treatments not currently available.
  • They also form a critical part of our research and education programs.

Why would you join a clinical trial?

You may be asked to join clinical trials/research studies if you have a cancer diagnosis requiring drug treatment.

“Adding new treatments to existing standards of care … may often improve an individual persons cancer outcome and overall survival.” 
Professor John McCaffrey, Consultant Oncologist & Medical Director of the CTRU

“I was monitored a lot by the Clinical Trials team… there is that extra level of care and attention due to being on a trial.”
Diane Hanly, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Clinical Trial Patient & Chairperson of the Clinical Trials Ireland

An experienced team you can trust

The Mater CTRU is well established and has an experienced and committed team working to improve the outcomes for patients with cancer. The CTRU team includes consultant medical and radiation oncologists and heamatologists, research nurses, pharmacists and administrative.

We currently have 8 consultants across the oncology and haematology departments working with us.

“I was monitored a lot by the Clinical Trials team… there is that extra level of care and attention due to being on a trial."
Diane Hanly, Mater Hospital clinical trial patient and chairperson of Cancer Trials Ireland

Who we are

The Clinical Trials Research Unit team includes:

  • 5 specialist research nurses
  • 1 clinical trials pharmacist
  • 4 data managers
  • A business manager and an administrator
  • 8 consultant principal investigators

Our principal investigators

Oncology/Radiation Consultants

Prof John. McCaffrey

Dr. Catherine Kelly

Prof Michaela Higgins

Dr. Michael Maher

Dr. David Gallagher

Haematology Consultants

Prof Peter O’Gorman

Dr. Anne Fortune

Dr. Michael Fay

Our consultants

Useful information

For information on clinical trials in Ireland: