Interview Tips

How To Succeed At Interview

It is important to try to develop a rapport with your interviewer - help put them at their ease. The more comfortable the interviewer feels with you, the better the interview will go. Be aware of the following:-

  • Have a firm handshake
  • Be alert and upright - and relax!
  • Look enthusiastic and interested
  • Speak clearly  
  • Maintain plenty of eye contact
  • Let the interviewer lead
  • Don't go on too much - watch for any signs of boredom on behalf of the interviewer
  • Avoid jargon  
  • Don't fidget (with your hair, with a pen etc.)
  • Illustrate answers with real experiences - examples
  • Think replies out before answering
  • Ask questions
  • Clarify details of the next stage
  • Leave with a smile!

At the interview, be positive and enthusiastic about the job, even if you decide you're no longer interested in the position. Enthusiasm can sometimes compensate for not possessing quite the right experience.

Good topics to ask about the hospital include:-

  1. How has the hospital/department grown/developed over the past few years?
  2. How does the hospital/department plan to grow in the next few years?
  3. What is the reporting structure in the department, and to whom will you report?
  4. Ask for more details about the job e.g. location of department, hours of work etc
  5. Ask about the working environment and department culture, i.e. is it team based?, dynamic?

When asked if you have any questions about the position, ask some of the following:-

  1. What are the position's main goals and responsibilities?
  2. How are these goals measured and what resources are available to ensure they're met?
  3. What are the computer / business systems used for the position?
  4. How many people will you be working with in the unit/department?

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