Admission to the Hospital

Admission to the Hospital

Admission to the hospital is either pre-arranged or through our Emergency or Out-patient Departments.

From time to time, emergencies may delay your own planned admission

For pre-arranged admission, you will either be told by phone or in writing the date and time of your admission.

Arrival at the hospital

Go straight to the Admissions Office (unless otherwise informed) located in The Whitty Building, entrance via North Circular Road, where you will be registered.


The following information may be required at registration:

  • Title (Mr, Mrs, Dr etc.)
  • Name (forename and surname). The forename should be the name on the patient’s birth certificate
  • Alias: The name by which the patient likes to be known, if different from the patient’s name
  • Home address/current address (if different)
  • Next of kin/contact in the case of an emergency (name & address)
  • Two contact telephone numbers (landline and mobile)
  • Patient date of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Patients GP and GP contact details
  • Healthcare record number assigned at registration
  • Admission referral source
  • Mode of arrival
  • Private Health Insurance - We operate a Direct Payment Agreement with the Private Health Insurers for Inpatient/Day Case admissions. Patients must fully complete the insurance claim form on admission to enable the hospital to submit your claim and request payment of accounts due - this does not apply to Emergency Department attendances please contact your Health Insurer directly.
  • Mothers maiden name
  • Religious preferences
  • Ethnicity/nationality
  • Spoken language (indicate if an interpreter is needed)
  • Occupation
  • Medical Card – Proof of current card is required on Admission to prevent being invoiced for your admission
  • EHIC(European Health Insurance Card) – Proof of current card is required on Admission to avoid being invoiced for your admission

You will then be admitted to the ward by both nursing and medical staff and cared for by a multi-disciplinary team.

Patients may need to obtain local permission should they wish to leave the ward area for personal reasons.

You may be required to transfer to another ward area during your hospital for clinical or organisational reasons.

Admissions Department

For more information please see our Admissions Department details.

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