Admission to the Hospital

Planning For Going Home (Discharge)

Your discharge plan will start from your admission and you will be given an expected date of discharge as soon as it is medically possible to do so. You may be discharged at short notice and we ask that you leave your bed by 11am.

As part of your treatment, your doctors and nurses may decide that care may be provided in your own home, with support from the community. This may come in the form of nurse visits, antibiotic treatment, dressings, physiotherapy and/or blood tests.

Also, your care maybe continued in other adjoining facilities under the Mater Hospital, where you may need further treatment.

Use this checklist to help you prepare for going home.

 Discharge Checklist
box  Has your family / next-of-kin been informed about your discharge?
box  Have you received information leaflets relevant to your condition?
 Do you have questions or concerns?
box  Do you have transport home?
box  If you have a wound, what care is needed? Have you stitches or clips that need to be removed?
box  Do you have house keys, clothes and is there food available?
  • Have your got your discharge prescription? Discharge medication is not supplied by the hospital*.
  • Do you have you someone who can get the medication for you?
  • Do you know what the medication is for, and how often and how long should you take it for? If you are unsure, ask your doctor before you leave.
box  Have you got all your belongings?

  Do you need an outpatient appointment or follow up care?

  • OutpatientAppointment
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Home Help
  • Family
box  Do you need a letter for your doctor or public health nurse?
box  Do you need a medical certificate for your employer?

Download and Print Discharge Checklist

pdf file icon Discharge Checklist (28 kbs)

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