Admission to the Hospital

Day Cases/Procedures

Follow the instructions in the letter you received informing you about your procedure and go straight to the relevant area / department at the appointed time.

Fasting for Pre-Arranged Surgery

You must go without milk/milk products and solid food for 6 hours and water for 2 hours before your operation. If you do not, your operation may be delayed or cancelled.

Isolation Facilities / Single Rooms

Although you may have been allocated a single room on admission, you may be asked to transfer to another ward area during your hospital stay for clinical or organisational reasons


A choice of meals will be available to you. If you have any special dietary requirements you should inform the ward manager/catering staff.

Every care is taken to ensure that the food you eat while in hospital is safe and wholesome.  Only food supplied by the hospital should be eaten by patients staying in hospital. The Mater Hospital will not accept any responsibility for food eaten by patients that has not been produced by the hospital.

During your stay in the hospital, please ask your relatives/visitors not to bring you meals or food as you may be at risk of getting a food borne illness.

Personal Belongings

Please be careful of your personal belongings and medical aids (for example, dentures, hearing aids, glasses, mobile phones, walking sticks, zimmer frames, personal wheelchairs etc.), as the hospital does not accept responsibility for their loss or damage.


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