Infection Prevention & Control

Infection Prevention and Control is a fundamental part of the hospital’s quality system to ensure the safety and well being of patients, staff and visitors. It will never be possible to prevent all infections, but there are ways you and your relatives can help reduce the risk and keep you safe.

Patients and relatives can help us reduce the spread of infection by:

x  Not touching a patient’s wound or your dressing or any of their devices e.g drips or catheters.
tick  Cleaning your hands before you enter and leave the ward or Department.
tick  Encouraging your visitors to wash their hands or use the alcohol hand gel provided.
tick  Visitors should use the public toilets, as patient toilets are for patient use only.
 Ask your relatives to use the visitors rather than the patient toilets.
tick  Ask visitors not to sit or lie on your bed
x  Do not bring in food to the patient.
x  Do not visit if you are feeling unwell as you may be an infection risk to others
 e.g. if you have a cold, diarrhea, vomiting or chicken pox etc
tick  Watch out for any additional information notices in the hospital.
tick  Ask your visitors not to bring children to the hospital
tick  Relatives should adhere to hospital visiting times

These are just some of the ways we can help reduce the spread of infection with in the hospital.

If you require any further information or advice please ask to speak to the ward manager, member of the nursing staff or you can ask to speak to a member of the Infection Control Team.

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