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Catering Department


Description of Service

The Catering Department undertakes the catering and food service to all patients, staff and visitors to the MMUH. 

The department operates a from two separate production areas incorporating different food production systems.  All patient food is produced in a cook chill unit and all catering for staff operates from a traditional cook service unit.

There are 26 pantries at ward level, from where patient meals are prepared for service and catering staff at ward level operate a tray meal service to patients.

Great emphasis is placed on the nutritional content of food for patients and staff alike. A carefully planned HACCP programme is in place to ensure food quality and food safety is prioritised.

Awards an Achievments

  • Happy Heart at Work award - 2002 - 2011
  • Hygiene Mark in 2005
  • National Q Mark to sapphire standard in 2010

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