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Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Department

Description of Service

We are an ecumenical team of chaplains. We visit patients / relatives regularly working as part of a multidisciplinary care team. We provide and co-ordinate spiritual and pastoral support to promote patient care

The members of our team are from the main Christian traditions. Should you request a visit from a member of your faith, tradition / culture, we will do our best to contact somebody for you.

We provide support for patients, their family and staff by:

  • Listening
  • Encouraging
  • Praying
  • Arranging for Sacraments and Rituals

Liturgical services 

Holy Mass

  • Mon to Fri.: 8am and 1pm.
  • Saturday: 6 pm Vigil Mass
  • Sunday: 8.15am and 10 am and 11.30 am at New Eye Clinic
  • Bank Holiday: 9 am.
  • First Friday of the Month 1 pm, Memorial Mass
  • Holydays: 8 and 1 pm.

Services in Mortuary Chapel

We provide religious services at the time of removals from the hospital and pastoral support to bereaved families/ friends

Holy communion round

Holy communion is distributed to the patients at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday inclusive after 1 pm Mass.
  • Sunday after 8.15am Mass
  • Public holidays after 9am Mass
  • Holy days after 1 pm Mass

Holy communion is also administered on request; a catholic priest / chaplain is on duty 24 hours and can be contacted on a pager system through the ward staff.

Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E)

There are three units of CPE a year, each for a period of twelve weeks. The students are on placement on the wards working with the Hospital Chaplains and other staff to prepare them for Chaplaincy ministry.

Access to Our Services

You can access our services by..

  • telephoning the hospital switchboard on 01 803 2000
  • requesting a Chaplain through the ward staff

Contact Details

Head Chaplain
Fr. Vincent Xavier MI
Phone: 01 803 2239

Director of Clinical Pastoral Education
Myriam Massabo
Phone: 01 803 4754

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