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How Does the Mater Respond To Parliamentary Questions?

The HSE Parliamentary Affairs Division sends all Parliamentary Questions pertaining to our hospital to the Patient Services Department.

The relevant manager is contacted, information  / data collated and a Mater response formulated and emailed to the HSE Parliamentary Affairs Division.

The HSE Parliamentary Affairs Division (PAD) is responsible for managing all parliamentary questions and representations from Oireachtas Members. 

View PQ Responses 2011 -2006.

The Parliamentary Affairs Division processes PQs and Representations referred by the Minister for Health and Children for direct reply to the Oireachtas member. 

The HSE Chief Executive reports regularly to the Oireachtas Committees on Health, and the PAD has co-ordinated his attendance at these Committee meetings and ensured that matters arising from these attendances are followed up.

HSE Parliamentary Affairs,
Parkgate Street Business Centre,
Dublin 8

Phone: 01 635 2000

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