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Information for Patients

The multi-disciplinary team will assist patients to adapt to the sudden and dramatic changes their illness has imposed upon them and to facilitate their recovery. 

We believe this is achieved by a holistic approach to patient care, taking into account the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and health education needs of the individual. We support family and close friends and maintain communication between patient and relatives during the period of the patient’s isolation.

In addition the patient’s right to confidentiality will be supported.

Infection Prevention & Control

The general public, patients and staff of the Mater and the National Isolation Unit are protected through:

  1. The design of this unit
  2. The initial training and regular training updates staff will receive
  3. Clear operational policies and emergency procedures
  4. Close supervision by the Infectious Diseases
  5. Consultants assigned to the unit Regular preventive maintenance and emergency engineering services

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