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What is Social Work?

Social work is a profession devoted to helping people function the best they can in their environment. This can mean providing direct services or therapy directly to clients. It also can mean working for change to improve social conditions. Social workers help clients deal not only with how they feel about a situation but also with what they can do about it.

Social Work in a Medical Setting

Medical social workers are social workers who help people who are in hospital. Their main role is to help patients and their families with any psychological, emotional, social or practical difficulties during their hospital stay.

This can mean working directly with patients and their families to help them deal with their feelings about a situation and advocating for them (speaking up for their best interests) to explore what can be done about it.

Social workers help people function as best they can in their daily lives and provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment to talk through any concerns.

Social Work in the Mater Hospital

The Mater University Hospital has offered a social work service for over 50 years. There is a team of professionally qualified medical social workers in the hospital. Medical social workers work as part of the medical and surgical teams.

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