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Occupational Medicine Department

Description of Service

Occupational Medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine which deals with health and work. It looks at how work and the surroundings in which people work may affect their health. It also looks at how people’s health may affect their ability to cope with their work.

The Occupational Medicine Department aims to promote and maintain the physical, mental and social well being of employees in the Mater Misericordiae Hospital the Mater Private Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital Beaumont, St Vincent’s Hospital Fairview and the National Cancer Screening Services. The emphasis of the services provided is on the protection of employees from the possible adverse effects of work related activity and on health promotion.

Services include:

  • Immunisation of staff e.g. Hepatitis B.
  • Pre-employment medical.
  • Absenteeism management.
  • Accident follow-up.
  • Accidents notification to the Health and Safety Authority.
  • Work-site Visits.
  • Pregnancy Assessments.
  • Post Needlestick Injury follow-up.
  • Exposure to infectious diseases follow-up.
  • Counselling and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.
  • Health Surveillance.
  • General Health Advice.
  • Biological monitoring.
  • Manual handling training.
  • Spirometry (breathing tests).

Staff Details

Consultant in Occupational Medicine: Dr. Dominick Natin

Occupational Health Nurses                    

  • CNM2:  Maria Lenehan 
  • CNM2:  Mary Connolly
  • CNM2:  Monica Donnelly

Administration: Teresa Hannon

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