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The Mater Hospital delivers a Graduate Certificate in Palliative Medicine in partnership with Dublin Academic Medical Centre and University College Dublin.

Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Palliative Medicine

Palliative Care & Heart Failure Action Research Project

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and Connolly Hospital, Dublin.

Heart Failure is a chronic illness with a range of physical and psychological symptoms impacting on both patients and families/carers. The disease burden is comparable to that of a patient suffering from cancer but the joint Irish Hospice Foundation/HSE report “Palliative Care For All” found little evidence of the integration of palliative care into heart failure services in Ireland. This two-year action research project arose from one of the key recommendation of the repost to support the development of palliative care within heart failure disease-management frameworks.

The results of the data collected showed a lack of understanding of the principles and philosophy of palliative care among staff in both hospitals. It was also suggested that patients and families also thought that palliative care was for cancer patients only and for the dying. This resulted in the decision to promote a better understanding of Palliative Care among health care professionals, patients and their families/carers. One initiative was to design a poster and leaflet for patients and families/carers explaining palliative care and its place in the management of heart failure. Health care professionals, patients and staff were involved the design of this poster and from it the leaflet was produced. The poster is in the Outpatient Departments in both hospitals and on the cardiac wards in the hospitals involved in the project.

Information Leaflet

pdf file icon Heart Failure & Palliative Care Information Leaflet (237 kbs)

pdf file icon International Access, Rights and Empowerment (IARE) Study (1,520 kbs)

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