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Pharmacy Department

Description of Service

The Pharmacy Department purchases, stores and supplies pharmaceutical products within the hospital and provides information and answers queries on these products.

Staffing in the Pharmacy Department includes a skill mix of Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Technicians, Health Care Technicians, Intern Pharmacists and Administrative Staff.

Services are provided to inpatients, outpatients and staff. Service quality is ensured through the use of protocols and procedures. The main Services provided by the Pharmacy Department are:

  1. Dispensary service - The dispensary plays a pivotal role in the activities of all pharmacy staff and ensures that medicines are procured, stored and supplied promptly, safely and cost effectively. A limited prescription and over the counter service is also provided to Hospital Staff.

  2. Clinical Pharmacy Service - Pharmacy involvement at ward level is aimed at promoting the safe, effective and economical use of drugs. Clinical Pharmacists provide valuable information on drugs to the medical, nursing, para-medical staff and patients.

  3. Aseptic Service – This specialist service is staffed by a range of highly trained and qualified Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Technicians. Aseptic Services is the term used to describe that portion of the Pharmacy department dedicated to providing ready to use sterile drugs such as chemotherapy and antibiotics. Sterile products are prepared in specialist equipment known as "isolators" which are situated in a specially controlled and monitored environment adjacent to the main Pharmacy Department. This service provides a pivotal role in the delivery of in-patient and out-patient chemotherapy for all patients attending the MMUH oncology and Haematology Services. 

  4. Medicines Information - The Medicines Information Service promotes the safe, effective and economical use of medicines by the provision of up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information and advice.

  5. Infectious Diseases Service  - This service delivers inpatient and outpatient clinical pharmacy services for patients with HIV as part of a multidisciplinary approach to the care of these patients. This involves educating and providing advice both to patients and physicians about new and existing antiretroviral therapies, drug interactions, management of drug toxicities and adherence issues. Antiretroviral medications are dispensed to outpatients from the onsite satellite pharmacy and the service is also involved in clinical trials.

  6. Antimicrobial Service – This service promotes the appropriate use of antimicrobials throughout the hospital and to ensure the safe, appropriate and cost-effective prescribing of these agents.

  7. Heart Lung Transplant/Pulmonary Hypertension Service This service works to promote safe, rational and economical prescribing and to increase patient concordance, in order to maximise quality of life for these patients who are on complex medication regimens. 

  8. Drug Safety - This service operates in conjunction with the Drug Safety Committee to promote safe medication practices.

  9. Education - Staff are involved in the teaching and tutoring of undergraduate pharmacy students in RCSI, undergraduate pharmacy work experience students, overseas pre-registration students, pharmacy technician students and medical students and also provide in-house educational programmes for nursing staff. Tutoring, lecturing and clinical training for postgraduate courses is also provided, in particular for the M.Sc. in Hospital Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin, the National Pharmacy Internship Programme and M.Sc in Clinical Pharmacy in Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.

Access to Our Services

The MMUH Pharmacy Department provides specialist services to inpatients and does not operate a retail Pharmacy Business for the Public.

Contact Details

Pharmacy Department
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Eccles Street
Dublin 7

Phone: 01 8032259
Fax:     01 8034784

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