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Risk Management Department

The Risk Management Department aims to promote the Hospital’s culture of a positive approach of honesty, openness and learning, from adverse incidents. The department aims to ensure that staff are encouraged to report all adverse incidents and near misses and to assist in the development of this culture. The service provides advice, assistance and training to all areas of the hospital on issues relating to risk management such as:

  •  Adverse incident and near miss reporting
  •  Incident investigation (Root cause analysis)
  •  Risk assessment advice
  •  Health & safety
  •  Medico-legal advice
  •  Statement and report writing
  •  Advice on attendance at Coroner's Inquests

To further develop on these key aspects, the Risk Management department also works with the medical and nursing divisions to ensure that when adverse incidents and near misses do occur and are reported, that we maximise the learning and ensure development of best practice where possible. This is promoted and encouraged through the development and the use of root cause analysis within the hospital.

Root cause analysis of adverse incidents ensures the organisation has an opportunity for learning and at the core of this ethos we promote an investigation system where:

  •  Lessons are learnt
  •  Changes in practice are implemented where appropriat
  •  Best practice is shared throughout the organisation

Contact Details

Risk Management Department
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Eccles Street
Dublin 7

Tel:  01 803 2050 / 01 803 4206 / 01 803 4235
Fax: 01 803 4777
E-mail: or or

Ms. Catherine Holland  - Risk Manager
Phone: 01 803 2050

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