Hospital Facilities

Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Pastoral and Spiritual CareThe hospital respects and provides, as much as possible, for the needs of patients of varying cultural backgrounds and faith traditions.


Chaplaincy Service

The chaplains offer a holistic service to patients of all faith traditions and their families. They will support you in your search for meaning in the face of human suffering or in adjusting to a life-changing illness.

Mass is celebrated each day in the Chapel, which is in the courtyard of the old part of the hospital.


Monday to Friday        8:00am and 1:00pm

Saturday                     9:00am and 6:00pm Vigil Mass

Sunday                        8:15am, 10:00am and 11:30am

On the First Friday of the month Mass for all those who have died during the previous month is at 1:00pm.

Notify the ward manager in advance if you wish to attend mass.


Confession is available at any time in your ward at your request through the Ward Manager or any of the Chaplaincy team

Private Prayer/Reflection

Two specific areas in Phase 1A (Level 2) are available for use by staff and patients for private prayer / reflection.

Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme

spiral symbol The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme aims to promote hospice principles in hospital practice. It was launched in 2007 and the Mater Hospital was one of the first hospitals to get involved. This programme has been building on the many positive and sensitive patient-centred practices already in existence in the Mater Hospital. Our primary objective is to ensure that people who die in our care, experience a place of sanctuary where they die in comfort and dignity and their families are supported in their bereavement.

The spiral symbol displayed in the clinical area / ward when a person is very close to death or has died. The 3 spirals represent  birth, life and death. The symbol is non-denominational and non-religious and acts as a visible reminder to us all to show respect and signals that an intensely personal event is happening. We ask you if you see this symbol to try to maintain a quiet, calm environment to allow the patient and family the space they may need at this time.

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