Environmental Hygiene

The hospital is proud of the hygiene standard achieved to date. 

Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of healthcare associated infections by ensuring the hospital is clean.  We are continuously looking at improvements within our hygiene standards. Your help is needed to keep our hospital clean and help prevent the spread of infection.

greenbullet  If you are concerned about cleanliness in the hospital or if you spot any dirt or dust,
 please inform a member of staff.
greenbullet  Place your rubbish in the bins provided, green bins are available for recyclable waste.
greenbullet  Keep the space around you and your bed tidy and uncluttered so that
 cleaning staff can access all the surfaces easily.
greenbullet  Do not store any belongings on the floor, use locker & wardrobe provided
  - some belongings must be sent home if there is not enough  space available to store them.
greenbullet  Always remove your toiletries and clothes from bathrooms after use.
greenbullet  Do not place any clothes on the radiators.
greenbullet  Refrain from littering public areas, corridors and the paths outside the hospital.

A clean environment provides the right setting for good patient care practice & good infection control

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