Celebrate Culture Night 2018 at the Mater Hospital

At the Mater Hospital, we are very proud of our heritage and history of caring for the nation for 157 years. We are delighted to open our doors to members of the public for Culture Night on 21 September 2018 from 5pm to 9pm. 

You are welcome to meet our staff and our University College Dublin partners who will provide fascinating information on the hospital’s history and advances in medical science. You will have the opportunity to take part in interactive sessions that have been designed to suit all ages. We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy the experience.

What's on for Culture Night 2018 at the Mater Hospital?

Mater Hospital Archive and Heritage Centre

On Culture Night you will have the opportunity to:
• View some of our historical photographs and unusual medical equipment
• See a variety of our hospital records from over 100 years ago
• Understand how the care of patients has changed over the years
• Put your medical knowledge to the test and guess the modern name for the illness
• See the role the hospital played during World War I and the war of independence.


Welcome to the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology. On Culture Night 2018 you can:
• Learn about diabetes
• Have your blood sugar checked
• See how insulin is injected
• Learn how insulin delivery has evolved over the decades
• See how technology has helped in the management of diabetes.


Come and see how the Laboratory helps to keep you healthy. On Culture Night you'll have the chance to:
• Meet some bugs!
• Learn w hat’s in a drop of blood?
• See some cool things with 3D glasses!
• Try out a little science yourself!


The Microbiology Department at the Mater Hospital provide a diagnostic service in the investigation of bacterial, fungal and parasitic infection. On Culture Night you will be able to:

• Learn about pathogenic bacteria.
• Learn about the processes involved in isolating and identifying bacteria.
• See how clean your hands ‘really are’. 
• Understand how antibiotics are chosen to treat bacterial infections.
• Take part in our quiz.

Culture Night 2018 at the Mater Hospital

Date: Friday 21 September 2018
Time: From 5pm - 9pm
Entrance: Free of charge
Entry is through our iconic entrance, up the old stone steps on Eccles Street (please follow the signs). Alternative access is available and will be signposted. This is a family-friendly, interactive event for everyone, no booking required!
See www.culturenight.ie for more information. 


Come and meet our Nursing team, where Caring is our Culture. On Culture Night 2018 you can: 
• Come and view our nursing uniforms, from Past to Present
• Observe the variety of instruments in use through the ages
Nursing in the Mater – Where Teamwork Matters! 


On Culture Night, our Physiotherapy Department invites you to:

• Learn how movement is medicine
• Find out how our practice has changed throughout the years 
• Discover the role of respiratory physiotherapy 
• Test your balance, strength and flexibility – find your strengths or weaknesses
• Join in on our balance, yoga or HIIT class on the night 
• Part take in our interactive quiz and test your knowledge of the human body 
• Meet physiotherapy students from UCD.


Come and see what makes hospital pharmacy at the Mater Hospital so special. On the night you will have the opportunity to:
• Learn about medicines that have transformed patients’ lives 
• Learn about medicines that come from strange places
• See how the pharmacy service has changed over the years
• Meet our leeches, they are still used to treat patients in the Mater
• Find out some fun pharmacy facts and take part in our quiz
• Work  with us to solve some real world problems
• Experience how patient treatments have changed over the years
• Hear how Pharmacists were famous for making their own secret recipe medicines.  On the night you can make your own secret recipe cream – what is your secret ingredient?

Speech and Language Therapy

On Culture Night you will have the chance to:
• Learn about the history of Speech and Language Therapy in the Mater Hospital and in Ireland
• Learn what Speech and Language Therapists do
• Hear what local people say about their voice, and what it means to them
• Hear some of the voices of the Mater
• Learn how your voice is unique to you, like your fingerprint!
• See how the sound of a voice can be transformed into a picture
• See what your own voice looks like in a picture
• Learn how to look after your voice.


On Culture Night you will have the chance to:
• Take a walk through the history of surgery
• Discover how technology shapes modern surgery
• See how precision surgery is used to treat common cancers 
• Meet our Surgeons and medical students who play a key role in planning the future of healthcare
• Understand how innovation plays a key role in ensuring safe and effective healthcare
• Debate the use of  technology, 3d printing, robotic-assistance and artificial intelligence in current and near-future practice
• Have a go at handling and manipulating surgical tools used in minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery
• Experience the crucial team-working needed to operate safely on people's internal organs to cure their diseases.


On Culture Night you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Review the history of the evolution of the medical specialty that is anaesthesiology
  • Discover why 70% of Mater Hospital medical activity depends on anaesthesiologists
  • Interact with life-saving airway and heart equipment used by anaesthesiology daily
  • See how innovative equipment and techniques allow patients to remain awake during surgery 

Tissue Viability

On Culture Night at the Tissue Viability stand you can:
• Learn the history of wound care and Tissue Viability in the MMUH
• Learn some old and new treatments for managing wounds
• Get to practice your bandaging technique and dressing skills.