This page provides helpful information on hospital charges and how to pay your hospital bill.

How to pay your hospital bill

All hospitals are required to charge for their services, in accordance with Department of Health guidelines. There are a number of ways you can pay your hospital bill.


You can pay your bill easily and securely online 24/7 here.

To make a payment online, you will need the invoice number you wish to pay and your patient Medical Record Number (MRN). You can find these details on the invoice that was either posted out or given to you in the hospital.

By post

You can pay your bill by cheque or postal orders via post. Please make cheques or postal orders payable to "Mater Misericordiae University Hospital". Please include your medical record number (MRN) or your invoice number with your payment.

Please do not send cash through the post, as we cannot guarantee that it will reach us.

Over the phone

Payments can be made over the phone with your credit or debit card. Please phone the patient accounts department on (01) 803 2211 or (01) 803 2269. This service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm. For bank transfers, please phone one of our cashiers on (01) 803 2351.

Public hospital charges

Emergency Department charges

  • No charge - with GP referral letter
  • €100 - without GP referral letter
  • €380 - non-EU short term visitors

All patients liable for the Emergency Department charge will be billed the full amount once triaged by a triage nurse.

If you are admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Department, the €100 charge will not apply. This fee will be factored into your main inpatient or day-case charge.

Eye Emergency Department

  • No charge - with GP/Ophthalmologist/Optometrist referral letter
  • €100 - without referral letter
  • €380 - Non EU Short term visitor

Please note: If you come to our Eye Emergency Department with an optician referral letter, you will need to pay the Emergency Department statutory charge of €100.

Mater Smithfield Rapid Injury clinic

  • No charge - with GP referral
  • €75 - without GP referral Letter
  • €380 - Non EU Short term Visitor

In-patient/Day-case charges

  • €80 - standard fee per day, up to a maximum of €800 in any rolling 12 month period. If you were an inpatient in any other public hospital and paid the standard fees, please let us know, as this may reduce your bill.
  • €1,223 - per night for non-EU short term visitors


Inpatient or day-case charges do not apply to:

  • Medical card holders (Note: GP visit cards or PRSI don't cover hospital charges)
  • People receiving treatment for prescribed infectious diseases
  • Holders of a valid European health insurance card (EHIC), which has been issued outside of Ireland and which must be presented at registration
  • Members of the defence forces

Non-EU patients

Non-EU patients admitted to the hospital are must pay the full economic cost of their treatment. Full economic cost is the average bed day rate calculated on the previous year’s financial statements. You should contact your insurance provider to confirm that you are covered. If you are, please ask your insurance company to email or fax a "declaration of cover" letter to the patient accounts department.

Contact details for issues relating to payment for non-EU patients

T: (01) 803 2211

Private patients with health insurance

We operate a direct payment scheme with the major private insurance companies. This means that if you have private health insurance and you choose private services, we can submit the claim on your behalf.

If you are a private patient, we can send your bill directly to the relevant health insurance company. To do this when you are admitted to the hospital you must complete both of the following forms:

  • a private insurance patient (PIP) form
  • an insurance claim form for the relevant insurance company

Links to these claim forms are provided below.

Private services charges

  • €1,000 - single occupancy room per night
  • €813 - multi-occupancy room per night
  • €407 - day-case charge per day admission

As the patient, it is your responsibility to check that your health insurance company will pay your full hospital bill. If not, you are liable for all outstanding hospital charges.

Special notes about private insurance

  • Pre-existing illnesses may not be covered.
  • Waiting periods may apply to new policies. Please contact your insurance provider for more information.
    • 180 days is the maximum insurable days per calendar year.
    • You are only covered under your insurance while you are receiving acute care. Acute care is medical treatment for patients who have an acute illness or injury or who are recovering from surgery.

Road traffic accidents (RTA)

If you are making a legal claim in respect to an accident, you must inform the RTA office.

Contact us relating to road traffic accident claims

T: (01) 803 2314