Our department of anaesthesia provides assessment, anaesthesia and care for patients undergoing a wide range of complex surgical procedures. The department provides support for national services including heart and lung transplantation and spinal surgery.

Our service

We provide pre-operative assessment, anaesthesia, and post-operative medical care of patients having:

•    Major elective surgery (Ear nose throat, vascular, general, hepatobiliary, plastics, urology, gynaecology, ophthalmology)

•    Cardiothoracic surgery (including heart and lung transplantation)

•    Major spine surgery, trauma and elective orthopaedic surgery

•    Emergency surgery

•    ​Interventional cardiology, radiology and gastroenterology procedures.

Pre-Operative Assessment

At our pre-operative assessment clinic, we review and assess patients to make sure they are ready for surgery. For information on what to expect when coming in for a pre-operative assessment, see our pre-operative assessment clinic page here.

Anaesthesia Booklet

For helpful information about anaesthesia and what you can expect coming in for an operation requiring anaesthesia, please see our patient anaesthesia booklet below.

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