Psychologists work across several specific multidisciplinary teams in the Mater Hospital. We provide psychological assessment and treatment, including talking therapies, to patients with significant distress related to their physical health. We provide psychological care to inpatients and outpatients attending the hospital.

Illness, injury and treatment can affect many aspects of life, and can have a significant emotional impact on patients and their families.

Psychologists seek to reduce distress and improve wellbeing by understanding factors that cause and maintain psychological issues linked to health. Psychologists also work to promote health behaviours, and to maximise coping and quality of life.

At the Mater, psychologists provide assessment and treatment to patients receiving care from the following medical team.


  • Acute Stroke
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Critical Care
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Endocrinology (limited service available)
  • Gastrointestinal Unit
  • Heart & Lung Transplant
  • Infectious Disease
  • Liaison Psychiatry
  • Liver Centre
  • Major Trauma
  • Metabolics
  • Nephrology (including dialysis patients)
  • Pain Clinic
  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Respiratory Medicine

Referral information

Psychologists work with particular multidisciplinary teams in the hospital, listed above. All patients must be under the care of a Mater consultant, and must be referred by a member of their treating team. If you are concerned about the emotional impact of your illness, injury or treatment, please speak to your team. If the consultant, doctor, nurse or other professional caring for you thinks you may benefit from psychological support, they can make a referral to us.

If your medical team does not have access to psychology, you may be able to access a community service. They may recommend you speak to your GP.

Your appointment

Outpatients receive their psychology appointment either by phone or by letter. As psychologists work across different settings in the hospital, details of the location of your appointment will be in your appointment letter.

If you can’t make your psychology appointment for any reason, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible to let us know, so that we can offer the appointment to another patient. Non- attendance of two consecutive appointments will mean you will be discharged from the service.

Education and research

Our psychologists contribute to training and lectures for the clinical psychology and counselling psychology training programmes in University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick and University of Galway. We also provide regular clinical placements to trainee psychologists §from all courses in the country.

The Mater Wellbeing Centre

Please visit The Mater Wellbeing Centre here for helpful resources provided by our Psychology Department.

Resources include mindfulness and meditation audios, recommended books, websites, apps and more which may help you manage your mental wellbeing.

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