The Mater Hospital's Nursing Department is a national leader in the field of nursing and is dedicated to the highest standards of compassionate patient care, education and clinical research.

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Our mission is to care for the sick with compassion and professionalism at all times, respect the dignity of human life, and to promote excellence, quality and accountability through all our activities.

Our nursing culture promotes and enable exceptional leadership, exempleray practices and innovation within an environment that fosters continuous improvement. The Mater nursing team has always had a reputation for supporting the professional growth and development of our nurses and nurse leaders, while maintaining a warm sense of community.

Our Vision

The Nursing Department is commited to building a community of excellence by combining academic and practical knowledge with the highest degree of professional ethics, while espousing core values of caring, compassion, equity, respect, patient-centred and patient-sensitive care.

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Nursing Awards and Recognition

The Mater Hospital has been recognised for its high standards of nursing excellence in patient care, education and research. We pride ourselves with our exceptional nurses and recognise their contribution to our healthcare delivery.

  1. Margaret Harold Nurse Leader of the Year
  2. Catherine McAuley Operating Nurse of the Year
  3. Preceptor of the Year

Daisy Award

Recognition of the clinical skill and especially the compassion nurses provide to patients, their families and co-workers

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