The heart and lung transplant department performs heart and lung transplantation for patients whose heart or lungs are failing. Patients assessed for heart or lung transplantation have life-limiting heart or lung conditions.

Our service

Our multidisciplinary team includes transplantation surgeons, heart failure and transplantation cardiologist, respiratory and transplantation physicians, transplant coordinators, clinical nurse specialist, nursing, physiotherapist, psychologist, social workers and other medical personal depending on the patients underlying condition and associated conditions.

The team also:

  • Assesses patients for their suitability for transplantation. 
  • Is involved in the selection of donors and recipients and the procurement of organs for transplantation.
  • Decides the allocation to appropriate recipients using a multi-disciplinary team approach.
  • Is involved in the process of assessing donors of vascular tissue (homografts), the retrieval of homografts and the release process for this tissue for clinical use.

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