The Mater/HSE community adult mental health service assesses and treats adults with mental health issues within the Mater Hospital’s catchment area. 

Our services

The community adult mental health service is one of four psychiatry services at the Mater Hospital. Read our overview of psychiatry services for more information on the other services. 

The community adult mental health services offers a number of services, including community psychiatric nursing, psychology, occupational therapy, social work and psychiatry. We have a day hospital in Drumcondra and run clinics at Centric Health on the Navan Road. If you are not able to attend a clinic, then we also offer a home care service.

St Aloysius Ward in the Mater Hospital is a dedicated unit for patients who require hospital admission.

The conditions we treat

We treat all general adult psychiatry conditions. The most common conditions we encounter are depression, psychotic illnesses and stress-related conditions.

We offer integrated care to our patients. This means that, as well as treating your psychiatric condition, we look after your physical health by checking your blood pressure, cholesterol, lipid and glucose levels. We help you to maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise programmes. We also encourage you to stay off substances such as street drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and head shop products. Some of our patients may be able to continue to use alcohol in moderation.

Referral information

How can I access the service?

All patients must be referred to us by their GP. Once we receive the referral, we will send you out an appointment letter. If you are given an appointment and you can’t attend for any reason, please contact us on (01) 803 4474. If you don’t attend your first appointment and don’t call us about it, you will be referred back to your GP. 

We aim to offer a fair and flexible service, and we will see more serious cases first.

If you need urgent care, the accident and emergency department of any hospital may be the quickest way to access psychiatric services. 

Useful information