The Mater Hospital has always been about people. Our staff are known for their compassion and for their strong sense of community as well as for their exceptional clinical training. The hospital has also built a reputation for engaging its people in collective leadership - empowering frontline staff to lead out on improving the services that they deliver. 


Compassion has always been a core value of the Mater Hospital. We have a strong belief in maintaining an attitude of tenderness, empathy and respect to everyone who comes here - patents, students, visitors and colleagues. Every year we acknowledge and celebrate this ethos through the Compassion Awards, where the public and staff are invited to nominate a staff member that has gone 'the extra mile' in helping patients, visitors and colleagues in the hospital.



In many ways, the Mater Hospital is like a village with a close knit community. We have just over 2500 people working here. We welcome new people and we also value those who have been with us for years. When people come to work at the Mater, they tend to stay and our students frequently come back to work with us after graduation. This is because there is a sense of belonging, of pride and of community.

We also have fun! We celebrate through events big and small. Some of our social events in the past year have included our annual Mater Ball, a play and other events to commemorate the hospitals role the 1916 rising , as well as a hugely successful Strictly Come Dancing event at the Helix in Dublin!

Kieran McDonnell

Clinical excellence

In order to deliver excellence in healthcare, we need to attract and grow exceptionally well trained healthcare professionals. 

For over 150 years we have worked closely with UCD, our academic partners, and other universities to deliver exceptional education and training programmes for nurses, doctors, clinical therapists, pharmacists, radiographers and many more.

We also understand that the best way of driving improvements in healthcare is to support those at the clinical frontline to participate in research and innovation. By connecting our people with academics and industry we nurture the skills, knowledge and ideas within our staff to develop real and meaningful improvements in the delivery of healthcare.

Collective leadership

We believe that to manage our resources well and to improve service delivery, we must actively involve our staff from the ground up.

  • We encourage staff to engage in quality improvement initiatives.
  • Through our Lean Academy, we have equipped over 900 staff to date with skills to lead process improvement initiatives to improve efficiency and deliver a better experience for our patients.
  • We also actively encourage our staff to participate in research, to innovate and to take an active role in shaping the future of our hospital and the transformation of healthcare.
  • We underpin this frontline engagement with an actively involved board of directors and executive managers.

Our leadership team


Mr Thomas Lynch

Chief Executive 

Mr Gordon Dunne

Executive Directors

Prof Padraic MacMathuna, Chair Medical Board
Prof Brendan Kinsley, Clinical Director
Caroline Pigott, Director of Finance 

Non-Executive directors

Dr. Mary Carmel Burke
Sr. Margherita Rock 
Sr. Eugene Nolan 
Mary Day 
Mr Kevin O’Malley
Tony Garry
Roderic Ensor
Mary McMenamin
Prof. Cecily Kelleher
Eilis O’Brien
Michelle Gibbons
David O’Kelly

Company Secretary 

Ms Anna Broderick