Our addiction psychiatry unit provides addiction treatment to patients and works closely with the other psychiatric services at the Mater Hospital. We assess and treat people who have a problem with their use of alcohol or drugs.

The addiction psychiatry service is one of four psychiatry services at the Mater Hospital. Read our overview of psychiatry services for more information on the other services. 

Addiction psychiatry provides addiction treatment to inpatients who are under the care of the infectious diseases service, and we work closely with the other psychiatric services at the Mater Hospital.

Patients are referred directly to us by their main hospital consultant. We then see the patient on the ward.

The addiction psychiatry service offers training placements to University College Dublin (UCD) medical students during their psychiatric attachments. We have also run addiction modules in medical and nursing postgraduate courses.

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This service is available only to Mater Hospital inpatients. Patients must be referred directly by their Mater Hospital consultant.