We help both inpatient and outpatient smokers to stop smoking.  The service operates on a daily basis and includes follow-up contact for up to one year. 

We help people who are ready to stop smoking and those who find it difficult to manage their smoking while in hospital.  As an inpatient, you can ask for by a member of the smoking cessation service team to come and visit you on your ward.  You can also avail of nicotine replacement therapy while in hospital. 

If you want to remain smoke free after you are discharged, the service will support you with regular contact for up to a year. 

We also help outpatients who want to stop smoking.  Outpatients are seen on an appointment basis only.  The initial consultation lasts approximately one hour and covers all aspects of your smoking habit. We also talk to you about your options for nicotine replacement therapy or Champix, a medicine that works by relieving the craving and withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up smoking.

We will support you with follow-up contact for up to a year after your first appointment. 

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Quit Line 
Tel: 1800 201 203

Website: www.quit.ie

Referral information

You can refer yourself to the service by phone or email.