Our eye emergency department is timed review slots only and closed to walk-in patients.

Referral Information for GPs/Optometrists/Opticians/Other Emergency Departments

If you have seen a patient who you feel requires urgent/emergency review in the eye emergency department please email your referral letter to: EED@mater.ie* and note the below:

This email is manned Monday - Friday 8:00am - 17:00pm and Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm.

Outside of these hours or at the weekend please contact the Ophthalmologist on call through switch to discuss emergency referrals.

Please include in all referrals details of reason for referral, visual acuity, any prior ophthalmic history and patient contact details so we can contact them.

Please advise the patient not to attend the Mater Hospital, but to await contact from our eye care team.

If the referral is deemed non emergent the patient will not be seen in EED. For non-emergency referrals and outpatient referrals please email eyeopd@mater.ie


Attending the eye emergency department

The eye emergency department is separate from the main emergency department in the hospital and you need a referral letter from your GP/optometrist/optician sent in via the EED email address above. Once this email is received, it will be triaged and you will either receive a call from our eye emergency team to arrange an appointment, have a virtual (over the phone consultation) or be referred directly to outpatients if the condition requires outpatient rather than emergency care.

Please do not attend the Mater Hospital until you have been contacted by the eye care team.