Our eye emergency department provides treatment for all emergency eye injuries.

Attending the eye emergency department

The eye emergency department is separate from the main emergency department in the hospital and you need a referral letter from your GP to attend the eye emergency department.

From Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, you can attend the eye emergency department with a referral letter from your GP. Outside of these hours, your GP will need to contact the on-call eye emergency doctor to discuss your emergency eye injury before they can refer you to the hospital. 

GPs can find referral information for emergency services on our GP & Hospital Referral page here.

Charges for the eye emergency department

Statutory emergency department charges apply. Please see our hospital payments and charges information here. 

What you should bring when attending the eye emergency department:

-A referral letter from your GP
-Any medication you are taking
-A snack and drink, particularly if you are diabetic
-Glasses or mobility aids if you use them

What you can expect when you come into the eye emergency department:

You will be assessed as soon as possible after you arrive and register in the eye emergency department. The initial assessment in the eye emergency department will be carried out by a nurse and this assessment is called triage. Triage is a system used to make sure that we take care of the sickest patients first, meaning that the most ill patients are seen in order of urgency, not arrival time. 

Admission to hospital:

If you need to be taken into hospital, we will arrange a bed for you on a suitable ward. This may take time, and the emergency staff will take care of you until you move to the ward.

Follow-up care:

If you do not need to be admitted to hospital, we will organise and advise you of any follow-up appointments. These appointments could be with your GP, a specialist doctor or nurse, our eye outpatients department or another hospital.

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