For over 150 years, the Mater Hospital has been recognised as a leader in advancing healthcare in Ireland. We understand that to deliver the very best to our patients, we must ensure that the hospital and it's staff are always moving forward - seeking out better ways of doing things.

An ambitious change agenda

Over the past number of years, the hospital has embarked on an ambitious journey of transformational reform, including the opening of a state of the art new hospital,  the introduction of a new clinical directorate structure, financial reforms, investment in new information management systems, and on-going aggressive systems reform through the implementation of the national clinical care programmes and other change initiatives.

To support the organisation through ongoing extensive change programmes and to continue to drive forward the change agenda, we have established a Transformation Office which incorporates the Mater Lean Academy and an array of other change management initiatives.

Transformation office

The Transformation office was established to support and drive an ambitious change agenda across the hospital. It currently manages a number of large scale projects relating to both un-scheduled and scheduled care many of which are aligned to the national clinical care programmes. All projects undertaken aim to improve our patients’ experience in our hospital whether they are directly related to frontline care or the infrastructure and processes that support the delivery of care.

The ethos of the office is strongly underpinned by the principle of collective leadership. It therefore seeks to build organisational capacity for change from the ground up by investing in training and development of our staff. In recent years, for example, the office facilitated the introduction of an executive leadership programme to address the unique and ever-changing needs of managers in today's healthcare environment and to ensure ownership and engagement in the change agenda from the top.The office also encompasses the Mater Lean Academy which to date has provided training to over 1,000 healthcare professionals, empowering them to employ lean principles in leading change at the frontline.  

Mater Lean Academy

Shaping the future of healthcare through research and innovation

The Mater Hospital, through its partnerships with UCD and others, has a strong track record of delivering high quality research that delivers real and meaningful impact to its patients and to healthcare generally. Since 1852 we have worked hand in hand with our partners in UCD to deliver the very best clinical research and innovation as well as in education and training. In fact, UCD has been ranked in the top 100 globally for pre-clinical, clinical and health sciences, in no small part due to its partnership with the Mater Hospital. 

The Pillar Centre for Transformative Healthcare

The Pillar Centre for Transformative Healthcare is located here in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. This new centre launched in November 2018 and will complement existing educational facilities within the Mater Hospital and UCD by providing a flexible, interdisciplinary educational space, located within a hospital environment. The fully refurbished centre will focus on supporting practical skills training, simulation training and team-based, interdisciplinary learning.

The Pillar Centre for Transformative Healthcare has the capacity to facilitate up to 400 users, over five teaching rooms.

For more information on booking space in the Pillar Centre for Transformative Healthcare please:

Email: or call 01 854 5181. 

An evolving campus

State of the art healthcare requires a state of the art campus. Read more about how the Mater Hospital campus continues to extend and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of our patients. 

Hospital projects