Dr. Ana-Maria Clarke




Dr. Clarke is a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Consultant in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. She chairs the Liaison Faculty at the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. Her journey in psychiatry began with her successful completion of both Basic Specialist Training (BST) and Higher Specialist Training (HST) in Ireland, as well as spending one year in Emergency Medicine, laying a strong foundation for her career.

Throughout her practice, Dr. Clarke has nurtured a deep interest in the intersection of mental and physical health, emphasizing the importance of an integrated approach to patient care. A fervent advocate for quality improvement in healthcare, Dr. Clarke actively works towards enhancing systems and protocols to better serve patients at the interface of physical and mental health issues. Her expertise extends into the fast-paced world of emergency psychiatry, where she applies her acute clinical skills to address urgent mental health crises.

Dr. Clarke's specialization in transplantation psychiatry highlights her commitment to supporting patients through the psychological challenges associated with organ transplantation. This niche expertise underscores her holistic view of patient care, acknowledging the complexities of the mind-body connection in critical medical procedures. Additionally, Dr. Clarke is also involved in perinatal psychiatry. In this capacity, she focuses on the well-being of mothers, ensuring they receive compassionate and comprehensive psychiatric care during these pivotal times.