The Mater Hospital have exceptional leadership that promotes high quality patient care and offers rewarding and challenging work environment for their nurses.

Mary Raftery, Director of Nursing (Interim)

Keith Carroll, Directorate Nurse Manager (Interim)

ED/Speciality Medicine Directorate

Siobhan Keeney, Directorate Nurse Manager (Interim)

ED/Specialty Medicine Directorate

Irene Aloveros, Directorate Nurse Manager

Critical Care, Anaesthesia, Elective Surgery & Theatres (CCAEST) Directorate

Fiona Hearty, Directorate Nurse Manager (Interim)

Surgery Directorate

Nina Sheridan, Directorate Nurse Manager

Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Renal & Endocrine (CVRRE) Directorate

Tracey Fitzpatrick, Directorate Nurse Manager

Cancer Directorate

Marie Brennan, ADON Nursing Quality

Lorraine Lalor, ADON Practice Development

Siobhan Keeney, ADON Psychiatry

Keith Carroll, ADON ED Patient Flow

Ruth O'Brien, ADON Workforce Planning

Elaine Hanley, Director Centre for Nurse Education (CNE)

Jincy Jerry, ADON Infection, Prevention & Control (IPC)

Suzanne Brown, Chief Nursing Information Officer

Yvonne Timony, ADON Research and Innovation