What is START?

START is a physician run clinical trials company based in San Antonio, Texas, and are the largest phase I cancer clinical research network in the world.

The mission of START is to accelerate the development of new anticancer drugs that will improve the quality of life and survival of patients with cancer and lead to its eventual cure. Since its inception in 2007, START’s network has grown to a total of eight dedicated units spanning both the US and Europe, conducting approximately 1200 studies, and treating over 10,000 patients. They have led the development of paradigm-changing drugs such as pembrolizumab.

The START program offers patients with advanced cancer access to experimental treatments that keep pace with the rapid progress of science.

START Dublin

In October 2022, the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH) signed, along with our academic partners UCD, a tripartite collaboration agreement with START (South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics) to form START Dublin, Ireland’s first and only dedicated phase 1 oncology clinical trials unit.

START Dublin at the MMUH is the most recent addition to the START network. START Dublin is fully embedded within the oncology directorate of the MMUH with the intention of increasing treatment options for patients. Our aim is to offer Irish patients access to cutting-edge clinical trials that previously would have necessitated overseas travel.

For more information on Early Phase Clinical Trials and START Dublin, visit the START Dublin Homepage.

For information on later phase clinical trials from our colleagues in the MMUH Clinical Trials Research Units, visit the Clinical Trials Research Unit section